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伦敦发 / The London Hair


头发,玻璃瓶 / hair, glass bottle

Project 01




I asked myself what I got during my first three months in London. The answer of this question is obvious, but it is also very difficult to explain clearly. Maybe the answer is the experience about living in London, the knowledge I learned from this presessional course, the new friends and classmates I met in here, the good view of this city I enjoyed, the nice and not so good memory in my mind, even something happened in my hometown due to I was in UK. I was also not sure that whether I would be different if I lived in other cities instead of London during this period of time. I wanted to find the unique gift which was given by this city.


One day, I stood in front of the mirror and cut my hair by myself. I suddenly found the answer when I saw the hair falling from my head. The hair was the gift London given to me. Hair is the sign of my growth. One hair may be because of the first meal that fish and chips in London, one hair may be because of I heard the bells of the Big Ben firstly, one hair may be because of the rain fell on my head and one hair may be because of I missed my families and friends. Each one hair has its story and proves I have lived in London.

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