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不分昼夜的星球 / A planet with a clear day and night


陶,木质支架,马达,金属 / Pottery, wooden stand, motor, metal.

Project 01





Are we talking about a notion of time as we talk about the “night”?

TIn contrast of winter, the summer in London is sunny, with long day and short night. It doesn't be night until nine o'clock. I am not accustomed to say it is night when the sun doesn't fall, not used to live in night after lunch immediately. I began to think about the relationship between time and light (sundial is a time-measuring instrument).

The main body of the installation is a ceramic ball, it has a smae persistent speed with the Earth through the design of the motor, the angle between rotation axis and the ground is 51.5 ° according to the London latitude. This series of designs try to create a planet like the planet, and one side of this planet is always back to the sun, and the other side is facing the sun forever, it faces the sun even on Earth's night (similar to Earth's polar day and polar night). On such a model, to discuss the question in the beginning of the article, is this a planet without time?

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