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ArtSquat is an artist-based collective that encourages conversation and the reclaiming of public spaces for any and all artist’s interpretation. We aim to provide an online platform in which artists can experiment, exhibit and document their work.

我的部分/ My part



I found two artist to cooperate our project. one of them is ZHISHAN CHEN who is studying in RCA. we arranged his work in battersea park. because he thought his small sculpture like elves who live in the nature. so he chose a corner in the park and showed his work around a tree.

艺术家个人网站/ Artist's website:


Another artist is a visiting scholar JINGYI YUAN from Chongqin, she began to act as an academic visitor in Chelsea College of Arts, University of Arts London. During this time, she communicated with tourists who have different background and created the works in a bar. So we decided to show her works at the bar and try to talk with the past by the artworks.


I also took some photos for my works, i chose a video to do this project. it is one of my favorite video works. i like the emotion which flow in the video. every time when i see this work again i can always feel the relax when we created this work. so i chose the Moorgate. there many people and many cars, everything is flowing. i hope i can find something different in this environment .


​影像链接/ Link of this vedio: click here

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